Kaspersky Labs Announces Kaspersky PURE All-in-One Security Solution for Microsoft Windows

Kaspersky Labs LogoKaspersky Lab today announces the launch of Kaspersky PURE All-in-One Security Solution, a comprehensive and innovative approach to safeguarding all home PC users against digital pollution and Cybercrime threats. Kaspersky PURE creates a worry and risk-free environment within which PCs, files, digital identity and services are protected against loss caused by malware, malfunction or user error. Kaspersky PURE is a new software product that enables all PC users to enjoy the many benefits of being online without the associated risks. It combines Kaspersky Lab’s industry leading levels of protection against existing and future threats, with an array of features that include: enhanced parental controls, easy-to-use backup and safe storage, a strong encryption tool, file-shredder, smart password manager and the ability to easily and effectively manage the home IT network. Available for download and purchase in UK on April 8, 2010. Other areas of the World currently TBD. Kaspersky Labs Press Release.

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