Don’t Get Angry 3 for PC Now Available Download Worldwide

Don't Get Angry 3 for PC Now Available Download WorldwideDon’t Get Angry 3 (Windows $19.99) The interactive computer board game for up to four players is the most detailed computer conversion available so far! Original extras like scurrile characters, funny gimmicks, additional game modes, quiz duels, mini games and powerful weapons of mass destruction warrant exciting and entertaining competitions. The brand-new Deathmatch and Carrythe- Flag game modes provide an entire new and varied gameplay, whilst you may also stick to the wellknown Classic Mode in case you are a conservative repuplican.

Use coils springs, explosive belts, sleeping pills, vitamin cocktails, Cages of Insanity or Toilets of Death, to kick your opponents out of the game with no mercy. Use carnivore plants and original weapons to make enemies (you’ll never have enough of ’em!) or set grimly aliens from outer space on your opponents! Nasty gags and surprising twists will bring you ultimate fun and lustily laughs once again!

Don’t Get Angry 3 for PC Features :

  • Great Board game for everyone
  • Animated characters
  • Humorous gameplay
  • Detailed 3d scenarios
  • New game modes
  • Mini games
  • Smart camera
  • Action cards
  • Multiplayer mode
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