PROMT Translator Personal 9.0 English to Spanish, French, German, Russian, Italian, Portuguese

PROMT Translator Personal 9.0 English to Spanish, French, German, Russian, Italian, PortuguesePROMT Translator Personal 9.0 (From $39.99 Windows) is a computer translator. Use it to quickly grasp the general meaning of a text in a foreign language. PROMT Personal is easy to use for people of any age and any background. PROMT is a world leading provider of automated translation software. The company develops PROMT translation software and dictionaries that have received numerous awards from leading computer magazines. PROMT offers translation solutions for the home and business use, as well as for Internet and corporate intranets.

Translating instant messages in ICQ, Skype, QIP, and MSN Messenger
Making friends and chatting with people throughout the world is impossible when you have to look up every word. Chat with your friends using their language by enabling PROMT Personal 9.0 in popular instant messengers. In a matter of seconds, it will translate your messages into their language and back. You can set it up to display the translation in several ways: the translation can appear in a separate window, or right in the window with your ongoing chat. This feature is now available in the four most popular instant messengers. In addition to ICQ, PROMPT has included support for Skype, QIP, and MSN Messenger.

Translating Web sites in Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox
Do you want to translate international news yourself? Do you want to translate the lyrics of an international hit? Do you want to know what the fans of a foreign sports team talk about on their forums? Are you planning to make purchases from abroad? PROMT Personal v9.0 comes in handy whenever you want a foreign Web site to speak your language. PROMT Personal v9.0 builds translation options into popular browsers such as Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. The translation of the Web site of your choice is just one click away. What’s more, all the formatting and hyperlinks will be preserved. More at

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