Kings Bounty Crossworlds Game of the Year edition Now Available for Download

Kings Bounty Crossworlds Game of the Year editionKings Bounty Crossworlds Game of the Year (Windows $29.99) includes the critically acclaimed Kings Bounty: Armored Princess and its sequel Kings Bounty: Crossworlds. King’s Bounty: Armored Princess is an adventure role-playing game in which you play the role of Princess Amelie as she embarks upon a quest to explore the previously uncharted world of Teana. She travels into the unknown in search of her missing mentor the legendary knight, Bill Gilbert, a warrior of wide renown and peerless reputation. Take care, for Teana is a new world filled with unknown dangers! Armies of terrible creatures, terrifying monsters, huge bosses and the bloodthirsty race of the Lizardmen all stand in the Princess’s path. Adventure brings the constant threat of danger in its wake bringing the main character face to face with a host of formidable enemies with whom she must do battle if she is to succeed in her quest. As she grows in experience Amelie will develop new powers, skills and abilities to aid her along the way – even taking to the air, surmounting any obstacle in her path. Throughout her travels the Princess is accompanied by her faithful pet dragon who never leaves her side. This beast –still a young dragon – appears somewhat small and cute, yet is deceptively dangerous owing to its rapidly developing combat skills. Docile only in the gentle hands of the princess, in battle he will fiercely protect his mistress by all means available. At first he makes simple attacks and recovers treasures, but he will ultimately learn to enter a battle frenzy and even awaken the force of volcanoes.

Our heroine, Princess Amelie, has many skills, but many more to learn. As her journey progresses and her experience grows, she receives new abilities. Each new level increases her leadership capacity and brings a number of Talent Runes which can be used to further improve and expand her skills.

This indicates the development of the heroine. The higher the level is, the better are the heroine’s skills and powers.

Experience increases as you win battles and complete quests. After accumulating the required amount of experience, your character advances to the next level, bringing an increase in overall capability and an opportunity to improve individual skills.

Leadership determines how large a troop you can command, and the level of troops you can successfully control. The heroine is able to enlist and command a certain number of each of the different types of creatures. From the beginning of the game, the Warrior has the highest leadership ability and the Mage has the lowest. Leadership can be increased through level advancement, the acquisition of command regalia, and from leadership banners which appear throughout the game world. If the Princess finds the rare Stone of the Gods artifact, this will also help to raise her leadership level.

Attack includes a range of fighting abilities, all of which increase the effectiveness of the attacks performed by the creatures in your army. If your attack level exceeds that of your target’s defense, the damage inflicted can increase up to 300% of the base damage.

Ensuring the protection of the creatures in your army is of prime importance to the military hero. If your level of defense is greater than your opponent’s attack, then the damage your army suffers is reduced, down to a mere 25% of the base damage.

This characteristic increases the power and duration of all spells, regardless of their level or school of magic.

Magical energy, or mana, is spent whenever spells are cast. It replenishes slowly as you progress on your travels, and can be further enhanced when you add or perfect certain skills, or successfully complete certain quests. If you develop your skill in “Concentration” you can even regain mana during your battles.

Rage is accumulated during the heat of battle, building whenever your units exchange blows. The amount of Rage you receive in combat, and its maximum capacity, depend on the strength of your units and by certain skills of your hero. Rage fuels your pet dragon’s ability to spring into action. However, once you exit the battlefield your store of Rage will decrease over time, fading into memory along with the distant battle cries, as the hero journeys on across the adventure map.

Talent Runes.
Whenever Amelie gains a new level she is rewarded with a number of Runes of Talent. There are three types of them: Might, Mind, and Magic. runes, which correspond to the different groups of skills your hero can choose to develop. Each new skill costs a certain number of runes for its study or advancement. You can choose to spend your Runes of Talent at any point in the game, in order to increase the heroine’s abilities.

Orcs on the March
The world of Teana is threatened once again. The female orc leader Red Scrounger, craving to gain unlimited power, gathers her army of followers and departs in search of the ancient Source of Immense Force. If her evil plan succeeds Teana will be destroyed, and all its inhabitants will perish. In despair other orc chiefs ask the humans for help. Meanwhile, a mysterious tower appears near the coast of Debir Island and even the greatest magicians of the kingdom cannot figure out how to enter it…

Champion of the Arena
Arthur – a young mercenary from the Endoria world – signs a contract with the merchant Lew Klisan. He undertakes the task of winning all of the fights in a gladiatorial arena and bringing the first prize, the Champion’s Belt, to his employer. Unfortunately, the sly merchant did not warn the young man that this arena is located in the enigmatic Litani world and he is expected to fight nightmarish creatures. Arthur will require all his skills to carefully choose his allies, equipment and troops to be able to defeat all eight monstrosities in the Thousand Emperors Arena.

Defender of the Crown
Having defeated the horrific Baal, Princess Amelie is coming home. It looks like the best time to relax and enjoy a tranquil life. The valiant heroine just needs to complete her education, pass her final exam and receive an honorary Defender of the Crown degree. Sounds like a mere formality? Not at all. Amelie needs to do her best, because it is her life at stake in this final trial prepared by the harshest examiners.

Campaign editor
This complete toolbox allows you to alter the game and create your own campaigns with a unique story, characters, buildings, items and maps.

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