iolo System Mechanic Save 50% with Free Upgrade to Version 10.0

iolo System Mechanic Save 50% with Free Upgrade to Version 10.0Special Pre-Release Offer. Save 50% on System Mechanic now, plus receive a FREE automatic upgrade to version 10 immediately on release for a limited time only. Normally $49.95 – Save $25 on 3 PC version. Version 10 not only debuts several new and potent performance tools that will make your customers’ PC run smoother and faster than ever, it also introduces hundreds of new enhancements throughout the product.

Sneak Peak at some top new features in iolo System Mechanic 10.0:

CRUDD stands for Commonly Redundant or Unnecessary Decelerators and Destabilizers, and System Drag is that inevitable slowdown computers are subject to as more and more of these types of programs are installed [either knowingly or otherwise] over time. The new CRUDD Remover uses a proprietary algorithm developed by iolo Labs to analyze your PC for unnecessary, superfluous, unused, or redundant programs. It then presents all potential speed-leeching culprits so you can easily understand their impact on speed and resources, and then uninstall those not being used. Removing unused programs that are weighing your PC down is one of the best ways to unlock lost performance, but in the past this process was cumbersome and even dangerous, often with unpredictable results. System Mechanic 10’s ground-breaking new CRUDD Remover eliminates the guesswork and puts the control and PC performance back in your hands.

Internet Repair Gets You Back on the Web
We’ve all experienced the frustration of being abruptly disconnected from the internet ¿ usually right in the middle of something important. Many of us upgraded from dial-up to broadband with the promise of an “always-on” connection. However, even with broadband your connection can sputter, hiccup, and even mysteriously go dead ¿ which always seems to happen when you need it most. System Mechanic 10’s new Internet Connection Repair technology detects bad connections and uses a battery of proprietary technology to not only repair and reconnect your computer, but also ensure the connection is as clean, fast, and reliable as possible. This new tool digs deep to bring your PC back on the web and keep it moving down the information superhighway at maximum speeds.

And it’s just one of many exciting new and helpful features that iolo has included in new version 10! And that’s not all Version 10 includes even more new tools and features that have yet to be announced! New and improved features in System Mechanic 10 deliver the most effective PC performance available:
•    Revolutionary new tools add even more performance power.
•    Classic tools have been re-engineered for greater speed and effectiveness.
•    Enhanced Tune-up Definitions deliver even more of the latest optimizations discovered by iolo Labs’ directly to System Mechanic in real-time.
•    Hundreds more problems are found and resolved with the click of a button.
•    Power users and gamers now have more control and options.
…plus countless more innovative enhancements exclusive to version 10!

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