iolo System Mechanic 10 What’s New?

iolo System Mechanic 10 What's New?iolo System Mechanic 10 (Windows $24.95 for a Limited Time) System Mechanic 10 includes hundreds of additional enhancements throughout the product, including further improvements to its suite of one-click PowerTools and patent-pending ActiveCare proactive maintenance technology. The program has also been fine-tuned to start up and perform its operations up to 600 percent faster. The PC Performance Status desktop gadget and Windows 7 Jump Lists have also been enhanced to allow convenient instant access to frequently used tools. In addition to these and other breakthrough new features, System Mechanic 10 introduces the Super Control Panel, which unlocks hundreds of secret Windows configuration settings, and the new Internet Connection Repair tool, which detects and automatically repairs bad or broken connections, while also ensuring the web access is clean, fast, and reliable. More at

Unique to System Mechanic, Tune-up Definitions are weekly “automatic intelligence updates” that instruct the product on how to diagnose and resolve newly discovered threats to PC performance and stability, making it increasingly effective over time. Based on extensive ongoing research from iolo Labs, Tune-up Definitions in System Mechanic 10 have been expanded by nearly 25 percent over the past year with critical data about five key performance-enhancing areas. Following nearly a year of research, iolo Labs identified two new prime factors – program misalignment caused by file system entropy, and resource deadlock caused by incremental software redundancy – that result in the symptomatic loss of computer performance over time, contributing to a total of nine root causes of PC slowdown. With version 10, System Mechanic is now the first and only PC performance software designed to diagnose, resolve and prevent all nine root causes of PC slowdown, preventing and reversing years of wear and tear caused by everyday use and ensuring like-new operation for as long as users own their PCs.

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