Rulers of Nations World Political Simulator Download Now Available

Rulers of Nations World Political Simulator Download Now AvailableRulers of Nations (Windows from $39.99) is a geopolitical simulator of the current world. Players play heads of state or governments (presidents, kings, prime ministers . . . ) of the countries that they choose at the beginning of the game. They can take initiatives in several areas—economic, social, military, domestic and foreign policy, environment, culture, etc. All the countries of the world are represented, with their variables and their own modes of functioning. The game includes phases for economic management, trade, wargame, construction, espionage, simulation, and political manipulation.

Two game modes are available :

•Global competition, mode that can be played solo or with multiple players, which sets 16 great nations against each other (played by artificial intelligence or other human players). In this mode, no holds are barred in the race to become the greatest nation in the world. The players can choose their secret objectives that will increase their score once they are reached. Online player rankings, as well as a list of matches currently playing are available on this site.

•World simulation, where the player leads one of the 170 proposed nations. There are about 20 contextual scenarios in tune with current events such as “Get out of the world crisis”, “Afghanistan: The new Vietnam?”, and “Terrorist threats at the 2012 Olympic Games in London!”.

The enduring objective of the player-head of state is to remain popular, especially during elections, so that he can stay in power as long as possible. Keeping the state accounts and the budget deficit in order is also an important key to longevity.

The GPS Project
In development since 2004, Geopolitical Simulator, a.k.a. G.P.S., strives to be ambitious and one of a kind, constantly evolving, with a team of dedicated specialists and developers. Its objective is to offer a simulation of today’s world whose comprehensiveness is constantly being improved—notably with data that is regularly updated—and to develop new scenarios that reflect world events and geopolitical upheavals. The tools developed by Eversim are used as serious gaming by several organizations (NATO for example) as a training and teaching tool for politics and diplomacy, as well as for simulating crisis situations.

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