Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 Now Available Downlad Save Up to 40%

Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 (Windows from $39.95) is a New Hybrid Approach to Digital Security. Their innovative Hybrid Protection combines the power of the cloud with our advanced technologies—housed on your PC—to deliver a faster, more effective response to today’s complex, ever-evolving threats. You’ll benefit from the speed and immense volume of the security data of the cloud, while also benefiting from our ability to: detect and analyze suspicious behavior on your PC; capture malware that is passed to you while you’re ofine via a USB or other device; and block, treat, or rollback harmful activity.

The result of this hybrid combination is a unmatched security that won’t slow you down.

Key Features of Kaspersky Internet Security 2012:

  • Essential antivirus technologies plus additional layers of defense against hackers, spam, identity theft, and complex Internet threats.
  • Hybrid Protection, combining the power of the cloud and your PC.
  • Best-in-class, two-way firewall to keep hackers out.
  • Rapid, real-time reaction to new threats.
  • Proactive detection of unknown and emerging malware.
  • Secure online banking and shopping.
  • Advanced identity theft and phishing protection.
  • Secure social networking for you and your children.
  • Instant safety check on files, applications and websites.
  • Advanced parental controls to keep your children safe and responsible online.

Kaspersky Lab Difference

  • Rapid, Real-Time Reaction to New Threats – New Internet threats emerge with lightening speed, and the latest Kaspersky technologies are there to protect you with real-time data from the cloud. Plus, you’re linked to the Kaspersky Security Network, which leverages threat data gathered from millions of participating users’ systems around the world.
  • Secure Online Banking and Shopping – Kaspersky delivers a safer online experience with multiple layers of protection to keep your financial information secure as you bank and shop online. Innovative technologies, including our unique Online Banking mode and URL Advisor, secure your credit card numbers and transaction details, and alert you in real-time to potential phishing attacks and malicious websites.
  • Advanced Identity Theft Protection – Your digital identity is safe from even the sneakiest online fraud with the latest cloud-based and proactive anti-phishing technologies. Plus, our unique, on-screen Virtual Keyboard allows you to use mouse-clicks to enter your credit card numbers and bank information, so they can’t be tracked or stolen by keyloggers, hackers, or identity thieves.
  • Secure Social Networking – The latest Kaspersky technologies allow you to fully enjoy social networking, knowing your Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter accounts won’t receive malicious links or software from your friends. Plus, you can ensure your children’s safety by controlling which contacts are allowed for communication, monitoring messaging logs, and specifying any personal information you want blocked from transmitting.
  • Instant Security Checks – The security status and reputation of files and websites is now at your fingertips. With a single mouse-click, File Advisor uses cloud-based technologies to check the safety of any file you’d like to access. And, our updated URL Advisor adds color-coded tags to all web links within search results to advise you of the danger level of the link and subsequent pages. Search the web with coincidence that you won’t stumble onto any dangerous websites.
  • Advanced Parental Controls – Keep your kids safe and responsible with Kaspersky’s award-winning family protection. Control access to the PC, Internet, applications, games, and websites. Block, limit, or log communications via IM and social networks. Control tle downloads. Even block the transfer of private data such as phone and credit card numbers. Now you can easily and conveniently protect your kids online even when you’re not right there.
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